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Published: 07 April 2017
Sector: Energy

A global view on the Energy sector

Andrew Whitehead, Head of our Energy sector, took part in a virtual round table with other energy experts around the globe to discuss key topics in the energy sector and the impact on their respective countries.   

The discussion included renewable energy and climate change, the Paris Agreement, the development of shale gas as well as the impact of Brexit and Trump.

Read the full round table discussion here or contact Andrew if you would like to discuss any of the issues raised in the article.

Summary of questions:

• Can you outline the current energy & natural resources landscape?

• Have there been any recent regulatory changes or interesting developments?

• What does COP21 Paris Agreement mean for the future of the energy & natural resources sector?

• U.S. President Donald Trump famously claimed ‘climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese’ and has also vowed to ‘rip up’ the COP21 Paris Agreement. To what extent do you think his appointment to the White House will impact the global efforts on climate change?

• How important is international collaboration in accelerating the development and global deployment of sustainable energy technologies?

• Have there been any notable examples of recent innovations in renewable or alternative energy sources?

• Can you outline the main benefits and challenges facing shale gas development?

• How has the weakened oil and commodities prices altered the way in which businesses are operating? Have you noticed any new strategies or trends being incorporated?

• How can the mining industry attract capital given the current stressed financial climate?

• What markets currently provide the best opportunities?

• Are there any global implications, or implications to your jurisdiction, relating to the slowdown of the Chinese energy consumption?

• In an ideal world what would you like to see implemented or changed?

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