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Published: 14 February 2017

Greg Whyte on Deskercise

For those of us who are office based staying active throughout the day can be really hard. The stark reality is that UK office workers sit for about 75 per cent of the working day, which makes it difficult to stay fit and active. With busy schedules and high workloads, the idea of incorporating physical activity into your workplace routine may seem unrealistic. We asked firm Ambassador Professor Greg Whyte OBE for some helpful hints and tips about the sitting disease.

However, Greg then went one step further and developed our own deskercise - exercise that can be performed at your desk or in the office environment. 
Greg actually gave us a long list of things we could do at our desk but we filmed him demonstrating nine of them. We’ve broken them down into three bitesize videos to help you moving a little bit more each day, when we’re stuck at our desks and don’t have time to take a walk around the park. 

In this first video from Greg he shows how you can get moving without leaving your desk (or chair) he has even included an exercise to try when waiting for a colleague to turn up to a meeting (which isn’t working out the biceps eating biscuits – sorry!)

In the second of Greg’s Deskercise videos Greg shows you how to strengthen your chest muscles, how vent your frustrations and get fit at the same time, and how to work the shoulder and neck muscles – all from the comfort of your chair. 

In this final video of Greg’s Deskercise series Greg gets us to stand up from our chair (but hold on for safety) and work our leg muscles. He also shows us how we can use our water bottles or handbags to work the biceps. 

Remember, the changing a few small things can make a massive difference. 


Greg Whyte

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