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MIPIM update

Published: 16 March 2018
Area of Law: Real Estate

MIPIM update

The mood in the Midlands pavilion is upbeat. Whilst many regional cities are ambitious and have actual or planned projects to shout about, nowhere can match the vibrancy surrounding the Midlands.

There is good reason for the vibrancy. The announcement of the West Midlands housing deal this week, Birmingham's Commonwealth Games win, Coventry's City of Culture win, HS2 putting the Birmingham city-region at the heart of the high speed rail network, Wolverhampton's new interchange scheme with ION Developments and Glenn Howells as architects to name but a few.
There is a need to press on. We are in a prolonged late stage of the economic cycle. Quantitative Easing is ending. Midlands cities cannot afford to miss the cycle.

The cities of Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton are pulling together – and about time. They complement each other. They and the whole region are stronger when they work as a team and that's been helped by the Mayor, Andy Street.

The Midlands as a whole can work better if the region is joined up. It's important to learn from the mistakes of the past in the West Midlands. Lots for Sir John Peace and the Midlands Engine to do on that front but MIPIM points to the potential prize and gives cause for hope.

"We’re delighted to be at the beginning of a partnership between two teams who share the same winning spirit and focus on supporting talent to achieve their potential. Everyone here has a great sense of pride and excitement to be working with Team England – a team that, after all, reflects just how much can be achieved by a diverse and varied group of individuals all focused on one goal. We can’t wait to get started."

Joanna Thornell, Client and Markets Director, Shakespeare Martineau