Corporate Governance

In owner managed businesses, the importance of corporate governance is often overlooked - this can be particularly damaging in the event of insolvency or minority shareholder claims. Through thorough preparation and planning, we look to add real value in terms of certainty, helping businesses to avoiding personal liability.

Our client base spans from owner managed businesses, educational establishments and charities to larger groups of companies, PLCs and public and private partnerships.

Our expertise includes:

Breach of duty
Claims against directors
Company secretary roles, appointment and responsibilities
Conflicts of interest
Director’s contracts of employment and regulatory issues
Directors’ appointment, roles and responsibilities
Directors’ duties
Disclosures of directors’ interests
Financial transactions
Regulatory compliance
The combined code on corporate governance

For larger groups of companies, charities and institutional bodies, it's essential for the whole board to be aware of roles and responsibilities; and for proper training to take place.

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