Employee Ownership

Many new businesses are joining the employee owned sector which now delivers 4% of UK GDP, and they reaping the benefits.

Employee ownership is now recognised as having a major role to play in the UK’s economic growth. We'll advise you on, a direct model, where there is an internal share market offering shares to employees; indirect where shares are held in trust for their benefit, or a mix of the two. Together we can decide what's best for you and your business.

Our expertise includes:

Bespoke structuring
Employee Councils
Employee ownership and employee benefit trusts
Financing the transition
Ongoing support as a trustee director
Share transfer arrangements including vendor or business financing
Tax advice
Trustee company and employee owned business constitutions

Employee ownership

We help businesses and business owners make the transition to become employee owned, that is totally or significantly owned by their employees.

Owners achieve a tax effective exit and the business enjoys the long term economic benefits and resilience, with a more engaged workforce, the model can bring.

The structure or transition is just the start; employee ownership is more about how you behave from there. We want to partner with you and enjoy the success of that journey, and help whatever way we can to secure the long term benefits and resilience that employee ownership, done right, can give you.

03 October 2017
European freight forwarding firm, Espace Europe Ltd, has moved to an employee ownership model in order to secure the long-term future of the business. read

05 January 2017
It is about more than just salary, as eight out of 10 graduates in the West Midlands state that the prospect of employee ownership schemes is a key driver to deciding on where to work. read

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