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Phil Pepper comments on Deliveroo’s call for a reclassification of workers
  • Published:
    07 July

Phil Pepper comments on Deliveroo’s call for a reclassification of workers

Phillip Pepper, employment partner at law firm, Shakespeare Martineau, said:

“In asking for a change to employment legislation which would allow flexible workers to be offered benefits such as sick pay and insurance, Deliveroo is essentially calling for a fourth classification of worker. This new category would allow employees to be in control of their working hours, whilst enjoying some of the rights afforded to full-time staff.

“The nature of Deliveroo’s work is underpinned by the flexibility of its employment model, where workers are able to choose when and for whom they want to work. There have long been calls for an employment solution which is flexible in nature, whilst offering some of the basic benefits offered to full-time staff. In asking for this classification rethink, Deliveroo is seeking a compromise which would hopefully satisfy its staff and allow its business model to continue.

“Deliveroo’s call for a change is likely to be well-received within the industry, but it may have come too late in the game. Legislation is often slow to react to changing ways of working and with the Taylor review on modern employment practices due to be published any time now, it seems unlikely that its findings will reflect these calls.

“Regardless of the outcome, it seems that the ‘gig economy’ is here to stay and UK employment legislation must, at some point in the future, get up to speed with modern times.”

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