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  • Published:
    10 August
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Sexual harassment at work - TUC report

Aye Limbin Glassey, employment law partner at Shakespeare Martineau, comments on the TUC sexual harassment survey, she says:

“Employers need to be aware that they can be held accountable for cases of sexual harassment, even if they are unaware it is happening. Often sexual innuendo can be written off as ‘banter’ among colleagues, but it is important that employees know that it could be seen as harassment.

“Having the ability to report sexual harassment and for action to take place as a result is crucial. A zero tolerance policy should also be put in place and it should be backed up by training so employees and their line managers know how to report cases and how to spot the signs.

“Having a clear reporting process and open lines of communication will ensure that harassment is stamped out immediately and appropriate action is taken to ensure that employers avoid tribunals and employees have a safe and happy working environment.”

"We’re delighted to be at the beginning of a partnership between two teams who share the same winning spirit and focus on supporting talent to achieve their potential. Everyone here has a great sense of pride and excitement to be working with Team England – a team that, after all, reflects just how much can be achieved by a diverse and varied group of individuals all focused on one goal. We can’t wait to get started."

Joanna Thornell, Client and Markets Director, Shakespeare Martineau