Charitable Structures

Philanthropy is on many people’s minds today. You’ve protected your wealth in the way you would like and want to give something back, or you would like to do more for others, or a change in status is the right thing for your business. Whatever your motivation, we’ll advise you on how to get started.

By understanding your objectives and you goals, we can make the legal complexities simple, and find the right way forward.

We’ll translate the “myths” into reality as often the legal definition of a charity does not always coincide with the popular conception of one. Charities which do not conform to the legal definition cannot be registered with the Charity Commission and cannot act as charities if their income exceeds £5,000.00. A charity must be set up for exclusively charitable purposes and intended to benefit a specific community at large.


Registration and Administration

If the assets of the charity exceed £5,000, it will have to be registered with the Charity Commission. We can ensure that the registration process is as smooth as possible and the charity name, objects and intended public beneficiaries do not contravene commission regulations or discrimination law giving you secure peace of mind.


Recent Instructions include:

Established charitable foundation for First Utility to take receipt of percentage of profits.
Created and registered CIO for wealthy philanthropist to help advance medical research in a very specific but underfunded area.

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