Family Wealth Preservation & Planning

Having built up wealth over one or more generations, families are understandably reluctant to gamble away what they have worked so hard to gain.

However, divorce, family disputes or tensions, death or personal insolvency can change priorities.

We advise families to protect and preserve their wealth, using the right tools to give an all-encompassing solution. We take the heat out of the unforeseen, unwanted and often unexpected family disruptions which can occur in life.

By planning early, our clients can rest assured that their assets are not put at risk unnecessarily despite what they may be faced with from time to time.

By understanding your aims and objectives, we tailor the right solution for you.

Our expertise includes:

 Advising, drafting, planning and administration of Trusts

Family business matters

Nuptial planning and living together agreements

Personal wealth structures

Powers of attorney

Wills – drafting, executors, distribution of estates

If trusts have been used for centuries by families to protect wealth, once approved, we can put the trust into effect and hold any trust monies pending investment. We do this by:

Discussing the beneficiary’s financial needs with their parent/guardian
Appointing independent financial advisers to invest the trust assets
Registering the trust with the Inland Revenue and undertake all tax compliance work
Dealing with the distribution of income and/or capital to the beneficiaries

Private Individuals brochure

20 March 2017
Our divorce lawyer Zahra Pabani discusses the potential pitfalls that co-habiting couples face and what they need to be aware of if tying the knot is not on the radar. read

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