Lifetime Trusts

You’ve worked hard to establish your wealth by virtue of sound investment or building your business and want to ensure that it’s protected and managed for a prosperous future.

Whether that future is for your children to develop a life of their own, for your grandchildren to receive educational assistance or to support the wider community, a lifetime trust can provide you with the flexibility to combat the mission that can seem impossible.

For individuals that are proactive, we will guide you through the misconceived maze of establishing a lifetime trust to provide you with a trust tailored to your unique circumstances.

A lifetime trust is a flexible and resilient tool which can protect assets for vulnerable or disabled individuals, those who are not able to handle large sums of money or those who may become involved in divorce or bankruptcy. Trusts are also a useful tool to mitigate tax as part of your wider estate planning. Furthermore, should you be concerned about future residential care costs, a trust can ring fence your assets, so they are not taken into consideration. Alternatively if philanthropy is your aim, we will establish a lifelong legacy for charitable donations to enable you to give back to the local community and beyond.

We will provide as little or as much assistance throughout the process, whether that be establishing the trust, preparing the trust accounts or tax return which can be a daunting process to winding up and distributing the funds to your chosen beneficiaries.

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