Personal Injury Claims

We know that claiming compensation can not only be difficult, but can involve highly-sensitive matters that require the utmost care and compassion.

We believe in fighting hard to achieve the best compensation for you and your family in the shortest possible timescale.   

Our expertise includes:

Catastrophic / serious injury claims

Cycle and motorcycle compensation claims

Defective product claims

Fatal accident claims

Industrial disease compensation claims

Road traffic accident compensation claims

Slips & trips claims

Workplace accidents / industrial injuries / accidents at work

Our ‘no win no fee’ cost structure takes the financial risk out of the equation for our clients and harbours relationships that are honest, open and with mutual objectives.

Injuries range from debilitating to devastating and we have built our reputation on understanding and delivering exactly what each of our clients need.

Our team is focused on dedication, expertise and empathy and we look to redress the balance for you following an accident.

Meet the Team

We’re passionate about providing the right solutions and driven to make a positive difference in everything we do.

"This is exactly why we like to work with people who understand the industry and can identify potential issues and create solutions."

Jon Saltinstall, Senior HealthCare Banking Consultant, Lloyds Bank