Powers of Attorney

Have you begun to consider how you would manage your own affairs or your business if your physical or mental capacity were to deteriorate?

Or would you want to ensure that your wishes in relation to medical decisions or life-sustaining treatment are carried out if you lose mental capacity?

With people living longer, cases of mental incapacity rising, and financial affairs becoming increasingly complicated, it’s essential you choose someone you trust to make these critical decisions for you in a way you would want.

These problems can be overcome by signing a document known as a “Lasting Power of Attorney” (LPA) – a document which is ideally signed when you are fit and healthy and the possibility of losing capacity is a situation that will hopefully never have to be faced, or if it does, then it will be many years in the future.

Powers of attorney

The LPA will take away the distress and difficulties other people face when being asked to make decisions for you. Taking the time to choose the right people act as your Attorney is essential as they will be making decisions on your money and affairs, as well as welfare decisions. We’ll give you the straightforward advice you need to help you get this decision right.

Planning now will avoid distress for you and others in the future.

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