With the triggering of Article 50, the UK began the formal process of withdrawing from the European Union (EU).

In our March 2017 report ‘Till Brexit Do Us Part’ we examined the findings of our Brexit survey of more than 400 leaders of mid-market businesses. It captured a mood of resilience and level-headedness in British business. Market sentiment also revealed an unsteady confidence about a trade deal and concern about the lack of guidance, resulting in many businesses feeling unable to make contingency plans.

Since the report, the formal Brexit process is well underway. Our analysis of these EU’s documents reveals a fundamentally different outlook between the UK and the EU27. This is more than a matter of politics. Legal structures have already been put in place that will obstruct progress towards a trade deal or take too long to change.

Despite this, the deadline for Brexit remains unaffected. The UK still has to conclude a trade deal by 29 March 2019 or face a hard and chaotic Brexit.

The prospect of a completed trade deal at the end of the Brexit timeframe now looks increasingly remote.

Read our latest Brexit update for more information on the direction of the negotiations, and
how forward-thinking businesses can start planning

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