The shouting is over, action will count now

 The UK has spoken and now the work begins to build the UK of the future. 

Events so far have given us little clarity; we will have a different leader negotiating our future relationships, and there will be no immediate action taken to precipitate events.

Stability in an uncertain landscape is critical in the short term.

The role of advisers throughout Britain should be showing leadership to help clients chart the most profitable course through unknown territory. There are some very clear, very positive and immediate actions which support stability now and in the future.

Here’s Shakespeare Martineau's call for business and government:

Pause, listen, think – and then act. What you see is only the first day

Ask what this buys you: there is always opportunity

Confirm government financial stimulus through investment: rates are low, invest now in the future

Reduce corporation tax –encourage existing businesses and attract others

Britain is Open for Business initiative: consider state funds for commercial stakes in businesses investing here: make inward investment and exports the priority

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