Till Brexit do us part

The country’s exit from the EU is the defining issue of our time, impacting on every business sector and affecting the fortunes of our economy now and in the future.

In February 2017, against this uncertain backdrop, we carried out an opinion survey of more than 400 UK mid-market businesses to learn more about business leaders’ sentiment around Brexit.

Our research reveals that: 

Businesses are currently optimistic about the future and inward investment, but are conflicted over the risks to trade.

Immigration and the skills shortage is an area of concern amongst mid-market business leaders, and businesses are worried about the potential adverse consequences of restricted immigration policies.

The present state of uncertainty is causing damage. A strong majority believe a comprehensive trade deal is needed, but a minority believe this will be achieved within two years.

For some sectors, the risk of import tariffs dominates concerns.

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20 April 2017
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31 March 2017
In February 2017 we carried out research with more than 400 UK mid-market businesses and a further 54 from across European Union member states to learn more about business leaders’ sentiment around Brexit. read

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