Competition Disputes

We have a broad range of experience from advising companies bringing claims against central bodies who have abused their dominant position to representing companies where a merger has been blocked by the competition authorities.

 We fully understand that this is a technical area but often, speaking the same language as the relevant competition authority will result in a quicker and more favourable outcome.


Our recent experience includes:

  Acting for a small client in bringing one of the first cases under the new fast track competition claims. Often competition claims are costly to run. However, this new fast track helped to ensure that costs were minimised and our client had a better chance of achieving a quicker outcome.

Helping a client to investigate and self-report itself for price-fixing that was undertaken by a former employee in a public tender. The result was that the telecommunications client achieved total immunity from any fine for taking prompt action to resolve the issue.

Our aim in these cases is simple: fight a hard 'legal' case, with a view to persuading the authority back to the negotiating table. We know how most authorities work, we know what matters and how they operate and we use this knowledge to our advantage to form compelling cases for our clients.

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