Insurance Disputes

We’ll help you through those frustrating situations where insurers raise peculiar loopholes to avoid making payment in legitimate insurance claims.

 We’re accustomed to situations where insurers put up the brick wall and refuse to pay claims to our clients. Our approach is simple and our aim is to help you achieve a quick insurance payment. We evaluate the options available to you, both legal and commercial, and implement them to get the insurance company back to the negotiating table.


Our recent experience includes:

  Negotiating a full pay-out on a claim of £120,000 for a fast food chain owner, where the insurer tried to avoid payment on the grounds of a trivial non-disclosure by our client - we produced draft court papers to demonstrate our client was serious about their claim.

Referring a matter to the financial ombudsman based on very obscure but still valid 18th century legislation, which resulted in the ombudsman ruling in favour of our cardboard manufacturing client and settled with the insurer for £1.2million.

Having our strong legal team behind you, combined with sheer determination, often results in a favourable insurance pay-out. Our team understands that there are a number of ways to help you succeed so we’ll choose the right option to achieve a quicker insurance payment.

"The dedication and commitment of Shakespeare Martineau
throughout the process helped to create, and preserve,
value for the shareholders."

Roger Crosse, Managing Director, POS Direct Ltd