Disputes can be emotionally-charged and aren’t altogether unavoidable, but mediation can help to resolve problems without costly court proceedings.

A huge amount of stress can be placed on those involved in disagreements and our experts know that seeking early resolution is key to damage limitation. Often reaching a solution can be much easier with a third-party to help achieve an agreement or settlement, and mediation allows us to be creative with our solutions to ensure that we reach a resolve that suits you.

We know that time is precious, so we work quickly and imaginatively to help parties put their disputes behind them and resolve a way of working together in future.

Our team of specialists have considerable experience and many are trained and active mediators. We’ll ensure that we use mediation and alternative ways of settling disputes strategically and to their fullest in order to benefit your business with maximum effect.

Meet the Team

We’re passionate about providing the right solutions and driven to make a positive difference in everything we do.

"They are very professional, respond promptly, always discuss the monthly bill and have, so far, provided us with excellent advice in connection with employment issues. I have been very satisfied."

Andrew Argyle LLB, Practice Director, Potter Clarkson LLP