Public Liability Claims

We act for clients up and down the country who have suffered injury and loss as a result of a slip, trip or fall. Trips and falls in public spaces may not always sound dramatic, but the consequences can be.

That’s why our specialist compensation solicitors are here to help.


The types of case we routinely deal with include:-

  Trips in potholes, on paving slabs and tree roots on a road or pavement; a potential claim lies against the Local Authority


Trips and slips e.g. as a result of a spillage in shops and supermarkets; a potential claim lies against the store


Trips or slips e.g. as a result of a spillage in a restaurant or shopping centre; a potential claim lies against the Owners or Landlords


With this type of claim it is important to act quickly so that the necessary evidence can be obtained to support the claim. By contacting us we can advise you, if you have a claim and if you do have a claim, our lawyers will recover the compensation you are entitled to for the injuries, and any other losses the accident caused you.

If you have suffered an injury after being involved in an accident in a public place, contact us.

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