Your business’ commercial position is critical to its success, and along the way the unexpected can happen. You need to know what the options are early on if your business is facing economic and financial challenge.

Prevention is often better than cure.

The following are examples of the bespoke services we are able to offer:

Advice upon company voluntary arrangements and alternative informal schemes

Advising directors on their corporate and fiduciary duties

Corporate restructuring and reorganisation including solvent liquidations

Guidance for companies and stakeholders on bespoke turnaround and recovery options including moratoria with creditors, debt restructuring options and work-outs

Management and implementation of disposal strategies

Pre-sale property and asset management to preserve and maximise value

Our depth of experience and expertise means we work with our clients’ teams to deliver the right strategy to mitigate risk and achieve the best commercial outcome. We work with you to understand your position and build your team from our specialist lawyers across the firm to give high quality, pragmatic and timely advice.

These services are often provided outside the context of formal insolvency procedures to protect and add value to businesses, using our expertise to bring about required changes quickly, effectively and with minimum disruption.

Law is only a part of the solution. Where appropriate, we also work with insolvency practitioners, financial institutions and directors in devising formal schemes and arrangements with creditors as well as solvent liquidations.

01 March 2018
“Toys R Us ultimately failed to adapt to the change in British shopping habits and did not properly invest in its business in order to compete with Amazon and the major supermarkets." read

31 January 2018
“This news is not surprising as M&S has experienced well publicised difficulties with its clothing and home space offering in what is a challenging time for the retail marketplace." read

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Jon Saltinstall, Senior HealthCare Banking Consultant, Lloyds Bank