Regulation & Governance

The scale of regulatory (and political) risk is unprecedented, and constantly changing.

Our deep understanding of the regulatory landscape, particularly the powers and duties of Ofgem, allows us to nuance our advice ensuring you maximise opportunities whilst remaining compliant.

With an in-depth understanding of the GB wholesale trading arrangements and the far reaching implications of a raft of new energy legislation from Brussels, we work alongside our clients helping adapt their trading and compliance strategies to ever deeper regulatory scrutiny and intervention, at a time of continued market integration across Europe.

For retailers supplying into the domestic market, there is the added burden of red tape designed to protect the interests of consumers and to deliver a range of social and environmental programmes from the UK government, coupled with intensive political scrutiny over pricing.

In contrast, the regulatory emphasis for network businesses has shifted away from efficiency improvements towards new investment, innovation and smart grids, and this is where our breadth of coverage across the sector, combined with our commercial approach to finding solutions, really brings benefits.

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Read our latest insights report for an in-depth look at how Brexit will impact the energy sector, a prediction of the key discussion points for the negotiators, and the changes we expect to see as the UK adapts its domestic energy policy agenda to align with a post-Brexit world.  

Latest Energy News

21 February 2018
We have recently expanded our team of specialist energy solicitors by welcoming into our Nottingham office Rachel Kent and Isaac Murdy. read

30 November 2017
Law firm Shakespeare Martineau has assisted energy company npower with its aim to alleviate the ‘heat or eat’ dilemma, which is faced by many people across the UK each winter. read

23 November 2017
The UK's exit from the EU is the defining issue of our time for UK businesses. But the impact goes beyond the UK. Potentially, every business sector across Europe could be affected, and the energy sector is no exception. read

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