Housing with Care

With a crucial role in society, the healthcare sector is under constant scrutiny from the public, regulators and clinical practitioners.

Current government ethos is to localise decision making, with moves towards cost-saving, new delivery patterns, public sector reorganisation and a new role for the private sector.

As trusted advisers to a range of providers, we understand the challenges and commercial priorities you face as a healthcare organisation.

Constrained budgets call for lean business efficiency to improve financial stability and quality performance. This can be difficult to navigate, especially with the uncertainties that surround government policy and funding.

Social housing, for example, is facing uncertainty around funding limits and benefit entitlements. Developers of retirement housing risk losing out to stiff competition for sites. And the housing-with-care sector is feeling the pinch from the national living wage and its duties under working time and anti-slavery legislation. It also faces concerns about the shortfall of care workers if EU migration is restricted after Brexit.

Healthcare providers operate under intense regulation. We are well-versed to keep you abreast of these processes, as well as emerging new requirements from the Care Quality Commission.

We know that operating in this arena calls for more than just compliance. It’s about making sound judgments and thinking creatively. It is also about balancing the duties of providing complex services alongside commercial concerns that underpin every business.

The fast-paced nature of the sector lends itself to the benefits of integration. For example, there are opportunities under the NHS Five Year Forward View for new and innovative ways of working and existing ones shared.

Collaboration is now critical to developing the care services of the future. It means collaboration between policy-makers, commissioners, providers, regulators and investors. In fact, anyone wanting to be part of the bold new vision for healthcare.

Latest Healthcare News

28 July 2017
In May we reported on the Employment Appeal Tribunal decision that where a care worker was doing time/salaried work, even if they are asleep, they are working. read

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