Pharmacies operate in a complex, evolving and hugely competitive environment. Failing pharmacies have closed and the remainder face a fresh wave of efficiency savings due to government cuts.

But this has done little to dampen demand for acquisition targets and our clients continue to unlock new income streams.

Some of the solutions are emerging from new sources — organisations which traditionally have not been involved in healthcare. It is also coming from those willing to take the risk of innovation.

An estimated 1.2 million people visit a pharmacy every day. This footfall uniquely positions community pharmacists to provide an accessible, efficient and patient-driven face to the NHS. Pharmacies can become a more efficient supplier of medicines and a more integrated provider of care and clinical advice to help the nation’s health.

Smaller independent pharmacies often have the knowledge and connections with GP practices to build a highly localised approach to service delivery. We see independent pharmacies increasingly joining together to form local partnerships, including federations and ‘super practices’. Larger multiples can demonstrate competency in care to position themselves favourably with commissioners.

Advances in communications and IT have yet to fulfil their potential in healthcare. Already there’s been a move from passive patients to active individuals finding out about their conditions and managing their own well-being. And, in an increasingly digital world, the potential for connected health to further transform healthcare is enormous.

We’ve acted for a range of pharmacy businesses, from first time buyers to large independent groups, for many years. And our experience of primary and social care means that we are expertly primed to advise you on a range of collaborative ventures.

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28 July 2017
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